Schoonheid met een persoonlijkheid

We are very grateful to Sabine and her team for their excellent service, which is far beyond our expectations. Not to mention how nice and friendly they are!

When we started our operation at our current office building last year, we were all busy and didn’t have much time to pay attention to our kitchen/pantry, or kitchen supplies, which wasn’t a good situation (= it was a nightmare…).

Then we got to know Sabine as she also works for a different company in the same building. She came to our kitchen area, and immediately spotted where attention was needed. Since then Sabine and her team are helping us to clean the kitchen/canteen and also supplying kitchen staff. They also provide us with wonderful lunch. They are our life savers!

They consistently deliver a high level of service. Our kitchen always smells so clean and tidy. They keep an eye on our supplies and we never have shortages on anything at all.

We highly recommend Chix Cleaning for their quality services and the wonderful personalities.

Kind regards,

Kyoko Ushiyama | Head of Management Office Mitsubishi Motors